Magic-users are masters of mysticism, wielding powerful arcane spells to unleash devastation on their enemies and to bend the very universe to their wills. Because learning to wield the forces of magic without ripping yourself (or the fabric of space/time) apart requires so much focus on studying, magic-users have no time to familiarize themselves with arms or armor. As such, they are unable to use any but the simplest of weapons and cannot wear any armor or use shields.

House Rules:
1)SIMPLE WEAPONS: Magic-users can wield staves and darts at 4th level.

2)IDENTIFY: Magic-users are extremely familiar with all things magical, and are able to automatically identify any magic item. They can only correctly identify a cursed item when under the effects of a detect magic spell.

3)ENCHANT: Magic-users may create magic items. They are able to enchant an item with any spell that is at least 1 spell level below the maximum spell level they are capable of casting, and they must cast the spell to create the item. This costs 100 gold per level of the spell being used for expendable/temporary items, and 1000 gold per spell level for permanent items. Offensive spells cost 10x the normal price. Utility and Defensive items have 1d4 charges for every 3 caster levels, and Offensive items have 1d10 charges for every 3 caster levels. Alternatively, a magic-user may create a weapon, shield, or armor that is +1 for every 3 caster levels. The cost is 1,000 gold per +1 in addition to the cost of the item itself, which must be of such exquisite craftsmanship that it costs 10x more than normal. If the armor/sword/shield is also given a spell effect, the cost is doubled for each additional spell. Example: A 3rd level magic-user can create a potion of Shield for 100 gold or an amulet of Shielding for 1,000 gold. He could also create a wand of Magic Missile for 1,000 gold, or a ring of Magic Missile for 10,000 gold. The potion of Shield would have 1-4 uses and the wand of Missiles would have 1-10 charges. The magic-user could also create a longsword +1 for 1,000 gold, but would have to have pay 100 gold for a masterwork sword to enchant. If he were to also enchant the sword with a permanent Light spell, it would cost another 2,000 gold. If he were to also enchant the sword with a permanent Protection From Evil spell, it would cost an additional 4,000 gold (the cost continues to double with each additional enchantment).


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