Clerics are servants of the gods. While a cleric may favour a particular diety, they worship and serve the entire pantheon.

Clerics can use all armors and shields, but may only use Bludgeoning weapons.

Clerics use a d6 for hit dice.

House Rules:

1) God Call – A cleric can choose to call upon the powers of the pantheon once a day. This uses ALL of the cleric’s remaining spells for the day to summon an avatar of a random diety of the cleric’s pantheon. Each diety’s avatar will perform a different function for the cleric, but the magnitude of the effect depends on the number of spell levels used to summon the avatar. The avatar’s effect will do 1d10/spell level. The avatar will appear, enact a specific effect, and then disappear. EXAMPLE: A fourth-level cleric, who hasn’t cast any spells for the day, makes a God Call. He rolls a d% and gets 43. The DM consults the summons chart and determines that the god of fire answers the God Call. A flaming giant appears and breathes a cone of fire over the cleric’s enemies. Since the cleric was 4th level, he had 2 first-level spells and 1 second-level spell for the day, for a total of 4 spell levels (1+1+2=4). This means the fire avatar’s fire breathing does 4d10 damage. If the god of love’s avatar had been summoned, it might have been a cherub that would have shot the cleric’s enemies with his cute little love-arrows, Charming 4d10 hit dice of enemies.

2) Bandage – As a trained healer, a cleric can bandage wounds to heal an ally for 1d4 hps. This requires a Wisdom check and a healing kit, which is consumed in the process. A person may only be bandaged once per wound. Bandaging a person in negative hps automatically brings them to 1 hp. Bandaging requires 1 full turn and cannot be done in combat. EXAMPLE: Bob takes 6 hps of damage from a sword and 4 hps of damage from a spell. After the fight, Tom the cleric bandages him for 3 hps. Tom cannot bandage Bob again until Bob takes more damage.


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